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Health of the Body

This week, Ball Bearings, explores the most common aspect of health—physical well-being.

Making Time for Your Body,” a letter from Editor-in-Chief, Miller Kern.

“Living with Disability,” by Julia Steele

Individuals with disabilities make up the largest minority in the United States, but misconceptions about their lives still exist.

“Obsessively Active,” by Griffin Sciarra

An estimated 4 percent of people are addicted to an activity that is perfectly healthy when done in moderation.

“Bodies Over Time,” by Taylor Hohn

Many factors play a role in what Americans view as the “ideal” body.

“The Difference in Fitness,” by Samantha Nower

Many stereotypes influence the way men and women work out.

The Controversy and Reality of Vaccinations,” by Riley Eubanks

A practice that aims to prevent diseases is often up for debate.

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