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Health Through Communities

This week, Ball Bearings explores health through different communities of people, whether those communities be connected by gender, relationship, or personality.

“Different Bodies,” a letter from the editor, Miller Kern

Depending on the person, realities of health vary.

“In Good Company,” by Savannah Yerion

Different personalities draw energy from either people or alone time, sometimes creating complications in their personal lives.

“Toxic Connections,” by Emily Cox

Relationships can be unhealthy regardless of the level of attachment.

“Defining the Difference,” by Taylor Meyers

Physiological differences between the sexes create room for discrepancies in health. What one person has to endure, another may not.

“Shattering the Stereotype,” by Taylor Hohn

Society’s standards for how young men should look, think, and act are often harmful for them in the long run.

“Taking Extra Steps,” by Miller Kern

For those who are transgender, maintaining their health requires additional care cisgender people may not consider.

“Human Curiosity,” by Taylor Hohn

Exposure to porn at an early age can lead someone to an addiction later in life.

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