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Framing Mental Health

This week, Ball Bearings explores an aspect of health often forgotten—the mind.

“The Brain’s Well-Being,” a letter from the editor, Miller Kern

Our mental state is not always considered when we think about health.

“Taking Control,” by Kylie Kaiser

The steps on the road to recovery can be met with mental obstacles. Between 40 and 60 percent of people seeking addiction treatment will experience a relapse.

“Digital Dose,” by Jackie Miller

Mental health apps allow for users to seek temporary help, but shouldn’t be sole treatment.

“Talking It Out,” by Madaleine Townsend

If a type of counseling is not right for a person, it can actually harm their mental health.

“Self-Diagnosed,” by Samantha Kupiainen

Hypochondria is a mental disorder that affects 1 to 5 percent of the population.

“Living With Fear,” by Julia Steele

Phobias range from being afraid of spiders to small spaces, but each can make life difficult.

“Addicted to Perfection,” by Katie Grieze

While often praised, an overwhelming need to achieve can create imbalance, and eventually complete mental break downs.

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