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Guns: Risk and Protection

This week Ball Bearings discusses a controversial issue: Guns. What some consider to be means of protection, others consider a risk to public safety.

The Great Debate: Guns,” a letter from Editor-in-Chief, Alex Kincaid

According to Gallup, the gun debate is a more salient issue in America today than it was in the year after Columbine.

“The Young NRA,” by Emily Cox

Although Millennials are stereotyped to be anti-gun, there are still those who actively support their right to bear arms, and the NRA is taking notice and finding new ways to appeal to a new wave of gun-owners.

“Violence, Values, and Views on Guns,” by Taylor Meyers

With the increase of violent attacks since 9/11, many Americans have experienced a change in their perceptions on guns and gun laws. But these perceptions vary across race and gender.

“Evolution of the NRA,” by Jackie Miller and Jenna Galka

The issues the NRA chooses to focus on have changed since its conception.

“Carrying in College,” by Merritt McLaughlin

Students who are pro- and anti-conceal carry on college campuses explain why their stance is valid.

“The Role of Guns,” by Emily Sabens

For some Americans, the second amendment is a basic right. For others, it needs to be reevaluated.


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