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The Evolution of Terrorism

This week, Ball Bearings begins a conversation not easily had: Terrorism. In the digital age, terrorist beliefs spread online, and attacks have occurred on college campuses, most recently at Ohio State University. While the definition of terrorism and who is a terrorist can be a topic of controversy, it is a conversation that must be had.

Terrorism: An Ongoing Conversation,” a letter from Editor-in-Chief, Alex Kincaid

As more attacks occur on U.S. soil, both domestic and foreign, the conversation on terrorism will continue to evolve.

The Way We See Terrorism,” by Julia Steele

Domestic terrorism accounted for slightly more than 73 percent of acts of terror in the United States between 1980 and 2000. International terrorism, although widely discussed, only made up 26 percent.

Locked Down,” by Jackie Miller

Universities are taking precautions against threats of violence and terrorism.

What is Terrorism?” by Emily Sabens

Since 9/11, terrorism has continued to strike fear in the hearts of contemporary Americans. But even experts cannot agree on its definition.

Terrorism: A Digital Era,” by Megan Grindean, Taylor Meyers, Taylor Hohn

Social media is giving terrorist groups and empathizers an edge—the tools necessary for mass recruiting.

Terrorism in Africa: An Untold Story,” by Breana Heath

Although Africa has faced terrorism for years, it is an issue sometimes unknown to those outside of the continent.

Understanding the Middle East,” by Madaleine Townsend

In 2013, 44 percent of Americans disagreed with U.S. military involvement in Middle Eastern conflict, yet 63 percent can’t identify a Middle Eastern country on a map.

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