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Fall 2016 Issue: Why We Think We’re Right

This week, Ball Bearings‘ print magazine is released. Online, we have a collection of our print stories detailing how America will change when there is no longer a white majority, how one individual can spur others to activism, and why we think we’re right when we have strong opinions.

Polarization and Politics, a letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Alex Kincaid

If we cannot learn to compromise, we will polarize our nation further.

Why We Think We’re Right, by Vanessa Ford

Cognitive processes make it inherently difficult to compromise

America, The Plurality, by Michele Whitehair

By the year 2044, America will be a majority of minority races, and will need to adapt to changes in education and politics that do not serve a white majority.

The Ripple Effect, by Vanessa Ford

Conventional wisdom suggests that one person can’t make a difference in society. Maybe that wisdom is wrong.

The Downfall of Society, by Miller Kern

Each generation has its own “end all” moral issue that is supposed to destroy American society. But to date, nothing ever has.

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