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The Cost of College: Housing

Fifty-nine percent of students choose to live off campus, and there’s a big reason: money. At Ball State, 2016-2017 room and board rates start at $8,715. The average student can save thousands of dollars by living off campus, but still there are drawbacks. For some, there are safety concerns. For others, the quality of off-campus houses and landlords isn’t worth the worry.

This week, Ball Bearings explores the housing and living conditions for college students on and off-campus.

The Choice to Rent or Buy,” by Taylor Meyers
As room and board rates and rent prices continue to rise, some students choose buying a house instead of renting it.

The Safety of Living Off Campus,” by Samantha Stevenson
The attempted break-in at one student’s house left her more conscious of the problems with off-campus living.

Living with Bad Roommates,” a video by Dan Jacobsen
Three college students talk about their worst experiences with bad roommates.

The Quality of Dorm Life,” a photo essay by Reagan Allen
The conditions of on-campus living differ across Ball State’s nine dorms.

Life as an RA,” a column by Caleb Conley
Student life as a resident assistant can be challenging but also comes with unseen rewards.

The Cost of Living On vs. Off Campus,” a graphic by Hannah Patton
The most expensive dorms, apartments, and houses represent the differences in housing costs in Muncie.

The Journey of House-Hunting,” a letter by Kaitlyn Arford
Touring some of the worn down houses in Muncie opened my eyes to how difficult it can be to find an affordable house with an average standard of living.

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