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Millennials and Pop Culture

“I am not political,” many students in Kristen McCauliff’s pop culture class tell her. But to this professor, there is a lot more to pop culture than videos and celebrities. Pop culture gives relevance and context to bigger issues.

To start looking at what pop culture references appeal to Millennials, we asked Ball State students what they thought the top ten pop culture references of their generation were. Looking back at shows like Lizzie McGuire, dances like the Cha Cha Slide, and celebrities like The Kardashians gives an overview to this generation.

The Kardashians have opened up another topic of discussion: what does it take to be famous? Fame is something hard for some to understand. But for Frank Simmons Jr, fame is something he chases. He even has a name for his musician persona: Phobez Apollo.

Some say Millennials want fame without the effort. Others criticize their youthful tastes. But why are Millennials so criticized? Is it their apparent love of selfies or their interest in the latest iPhone? Our Q&A experts say no. It isn’t just the Millennial generation that is criticized. The pop culture of younger generations being ridiculed is a trend that has applied to all older generations.

Speaking of older generations, we took a look at fashion in the last few decades. Starting in the ’60s, we broke down the makeup, hairstyles, and clothing representative of each decade’s distinct fashion style.

Pop culture embodies some of the defining parts of Generation Y. Whether it is through fashion, celebrities, fame, or dance moves, pop culture is often representative of much more.

Illuminating the Dark of the Limelight,” by Samantha Stevenson
The Millennial obsession with fame and those who have already obtained it comes down to the desire of possessions and being known. While this can be a motivational push, there are it’s downsides

The Ridicule of Young Generations,” a Q&A by Katelyn Grieze
Ball Bearings met with three individuals to discuss why young people are repeatedly criticized based on their popular culture

Fashion through the Years,” a video by Maggie Kenworthy, Jessika Zachary, Sabrina Schnetzer, and Reagan Allen
Ball Bearings takes a closer look at how clothing, hairstyles, and makeup has changed over the past 50+ years

The Hidden Depth of Pop Culture,” by Hannah Schneider
When it comes to pop culture, professor Kristen McCauliff says the subject has deeper themes.

Top Ten Pop Culture References of the Millennial Generation,” by Hannah Sordyl
Every generation has pop culture references that stick out in the minds of those who grew up during that time. While there are countless references for Millennials, these are the top ten according to Ball State University students.


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