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The Digital Native: Millennials and Technology

The Millennial generation is often called the “digital natives.” We are the first generation to grow up with technology and while Millennials adapt to new technology quicker than previous generations, we often lack the technical skills needed in the workplace, like emailing and using spreadsheets.

As digital natives, we are thought to be the “me, me, me generation” because of how much social media we use. More than half of Millennials have shared a selfie, but many Millennials are also using social media to promote change for social issues. Still, Millennials and previous generations alike believe we share too much about our lives on social media.

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  • […] In high school, my Algebra class, full of tweeting, chatting 16-year-olds, was abruptly silenced one day when our teacher told us that our generation would never know the value of hard work and life without technology. […]

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