Letter from the Editor

Are Tablets Cool?

Joseph Ruley, iPad Managing Editor

Joseph Ruley,
iPad Managing Editor

It’s always easy to bash your own line of work. I mean, let’s take a look at what I do: it entails a laughable amount of meetings, a plethora of writing, and editing, editing, editing, editing, oh and did I mention editing?

I don’t mean to be a Debbie-Downer when I describe my line of work. Honestly it’s quite enjoyable and there’s a lot to take from it. I’ve especially noticed this while working for Ball Bearings.

During my time here I’ve held a multitude of positions. I began as a writer, and then was an assistant editor, then managing editor for print and now I’m the managing editor for our iPad.

Throughout all of those positions, I’ve come to a realization. Other than making me recognize I have a strong distaste toward those who don’t follow deadlines, or that I have a mouth a drunken sailor, it’s made me realize I can make a living as a journalist.

And that’s awesome, since it’s what I love to do. I love to meet new people and find the story within. We all live a story everyday and it’s my job to find that story and interpret it into something that can be told. And for a creative, semi-clever dude like myself, I can’t ask for anything else. Well, aside from a smokin’ hot babe and fast car, but that’s just me getting greedy.

The situations we face while working for Ball Bearings are similar, if not borderline, to the situations big-name magazines face all the time.

Knowing this has given me the confidence to be able to face professionals in the post-college world and say “Damn right I’m the guy for the job.” Though, I would never actually say that because they would look at me like I’m an idiot, but the premise is the same.

Beyond comprehending that I can actually make a few dollars as a journalist, working as iPad managing editor has also reaffirmed how enjoyable journalism can actually be. Unlike print, where only photos and design can accompany the text, iPad allows for video, audio, and interactive design features to accompany the text story.

It’s wonderful because you essentially have total freedom and aren’t restricted by space and word count. Granted, we’re not publishing 10,000 word novels, but we could if we wanted. Don’t worry; I have no intentions of doing so unless I get to write a personal narrative on Tom Hank’s life. That would be epic.

iPad is the bee’s knees of the journalism world because of it’s endless world of multimedia. A world this one is quickly combining with.

And for those of you who have one, DOWNLOAD OUR APP. It’s really freaking cool; I promise. I helped make it come to fruition.


Joseph Ruley,

iPad Managing Editor

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