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The Culture We Create

This week, Ball Bearings discusses the culture created around entertainment.

“Connected from Afar,” a letter from Editor-in-Chief, Miller Kern

The entertainment industry facilitates communities for people from different walks of life.

“United We Fan,” by Emily Sabens

The internet has provided means for fans from all realms to share, participate, and form friendships across the globe.

“Cultivating a Classic,” by Samantha Kupiainen

Followers of cult classic films are often attracted to the genre’s indie appeal and lack of star power

“Sliding into Tradition,” by Riley Eubanks

Sports are a family affair for the Bolens, Cincinnati Reds fans from Indiana.

“Invisible Culture,” by Demi Vaughn

Lack of representation in media can create self-esteem issues in young girls.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” by Taylor Meyers

Becoming a rock star is an age-old dream, but today’s starving artists are just trying to get recognition and likes on Facebook.

“The Power of Celebrity,” by Robert Moscato-Goodpaster

Those in the limelight have an influence that can often sway the public’s opinion.

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