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Fall 2017 Issue: The Human Experience

This week, Ball Bearings’ print magazine is released. Online, we have a collection of our print stories detailing different aspects of health, including a story of someone who has schizophrenia, the realities of bodybuilding, what it means to be intersex, and how lifestyle factors may allow us to live longer. 

“Conscious Health,” a letter from Editor-in-Chief, Miller Kern.

“The Human Experience,” by Samantha Stevenson

With life expectancy possibly increasing, even a 100-year-old woman isn’t sure what she would do with another 10 years.

“My Schizophrenia,” by Taylor Hohn

Mikael Rehman has spent years learning how to reduce stress, deal with his hallucinations, and be happy with his schizophrenia.

“Developing Differently,” by Vanessa Ford

Even though an estimated 1.7 percent of babies are born intersex, there’s still a general misunderstanding as to what it actually means

“Bigger Bodies,” by Emily Sabens

Bodybuilders make sacrifices to obtain their perfect bodies, but “perfect” does not necessarily mean healthy.

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