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The Politics of Health

This week, Ball Bearings discusses the role politics plays in health—from regulations on contraception, to how we pay for prescriptions.

“Legislated Bodies,” a letter from the editor, Miller Kern

While it can be a personal matter, health is often subject to decisions put in place by our government.

“Regulated Rights,” by Riley Eubanks

The well-being of women is often forgotten as lawmakers make decisions that affect their health.

“Your Health in Their Hands,” by Robert Moscato-Goodpaster

Experts discuss the politicization of health care.

“Living Numbered Days,” by Emma Davidson

Through hospice care, the terminally ill gain comfort and control.

“Controlled by the Cost,” by Mackenzie Diggs

As the medical field becomes more advanced, it may become less attainable for the everyday American.

“Global Differences,” by Makayla Hughes

The United Nations uses a set of three dimensions to help determine a country’s overall health.

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