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Tangible Effects of Virtual Reality

This week Ball Bearings discusses how our digital lives intertwine with our real ones.

“Digital Reality,” a letter from the editor, Alex Kincaid

Our digital lives produce real-life effects—for both good and bad

“First Amendment Vigilantes,” by Emily Sabens

Through access of the Internet, people can now discover and publish personal information of other users with malicious intent.

“Digital Donations,” by Julia Steele

Creating campaigns on platforms like GoFundMe change how people can raise money.

“Altered Reputation,” by Merritt McLaughlin

Sexting is becoming increasingly popular among young adults, but the possibility of the sext being shared is often overlooked.

“Censored,” by Konnor Miller

Since Trump’s inauguration in late January, the social media accounts of several government agencies have been more limited in what they’re allowed to tell the public, leading to the creation of “rogue” accounts that say what others cannot.

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