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Learning in the Digital Age

This week, Ball Bearings discusses how learning in the digital age has changed and advanced through innovations in technology.

A New Era of Learning,” a letter from the editor, Alex Kincaid 

Innovation in technology creates a learning curve for the next generation.

New Expectations,” by Madaleine Townsend

As technology becomes more of a standard in education, students are sometimes expected to be more tech-savvy than they are.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips,” by Taylor Meyers

Students are opting for online classes rather than instructor-based classes due to the flexibility and accessibility these courses can provide.

The Evolution of Research,by Samantha Kupiainen

Technology and research have come a long way from where they were, but they are far from where they’re projected to be in the future.

Technological Distractions,” by Emily Cox

The everyday presence of technology, although sometimes unnoticed, can impact relationships and development through the stages of life.

Advancing Learning Styles,” by Cassidy Morris 

Innovations in technology alters student education, as technology bridges gaps for every type of learner.

The Future of Learning,” by Sorita Heng

Three experts speculate on what the next decade will bring in education technology and how that will affect learning.

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