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Spring 2017 Print Issue: Our Digital Destiny

This semester, Ball Bearings is taking a look at how our digital world has changed all aspects of our lives, from communication to the way we experience life and death.

“Technology and Necessity,” a letter from Editor-in-Chief, Alex Kincaid

“Our Digital Destiny,” by Miller Kern

In death, we live on through social media as loved ones preserve accounts and cope with loss in new ways.

“No Escape,”  by Katie Grieze 

Though Kasey Burchett would prefer living without modern technologies like her phone and social media, that doesn’t seem to be an option in modern society.

“Producing Personhood,” by Katie Grieze

Though artificial intelligence cannot yet match the human mind in many ways, further advancement could force us to decide what separates mankind from machines.

“Bursting the Bubble,” by Samantha Stevenson

Those who surround themselves with like-minded people, both in person and online, sometimes believe the ideas expressed in their circles reflect the opinions of the world.

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