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The American Dream

This week, Ball Bearings sought out an answer to a question that is in the foundation of our nation—“What is the American Dream?” Some think the American Dream is the idea that hard work in America is always met with reward. Others think this is unachievable. But, today, the connotation of this idea varies among society.

Waking Up From the Dream, a letter from the Editor-in-Chief, Alex Kincaid

With this digital edition we explore the American Dream – a concept that suggests success is a result of an individual’s work ethic.

The Unachievable Dream, by Taylor Meyers

Institutional changes in marriage, career advancement, and households have made achieving the American Dream difficult for Michelle Jarrett. But she isn’t giving up.

Land of Opportunity, by Payton Kaufman

Although the process of immigrating to America can be difficult, the advantages that it offers is enough to make it worth it. For Lina Carver, that meant electricity, health care, and financial security.

Hard Work, by Carli Scalf and Taylor Hohn

Manufacturing, the backbone of consumer goods production in the U.S.,is finding its footing in a changing world.

The Divide, by Hannah Sordyl

The American Dream is a concept that some believe is outdated and irrelevant, while others believe it is still achievable.

Discussing the American Dream, by Dan Jacobsen

Ball State students and an alumnus examine the impracticality of the American Dream

In a Word: The American Dream, by Terence K. Lightning Jr.

Ball State students were asked to summarize the American Dream in one word, and then explain their answer. 

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