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The Amazing Taste

Reggae music flows through the air as soon as the doors are opened. Foreign foods can be smelled from down the hall. With a passport in hand, it’s time to take a trip around the world in one night.

Over 18 cultures were represented at The Amazing Taste held in the L.A. Pittenger Student Center on Nov. 5. This free event allowed guests to travel around the globe, experiencing different cultures through Ball State University’s exchange students and volunteers.

The event had many demonstrations and activities including: live music, belly dancing lessons, fashion shows, henna, caricatures, bug and coffee tasting, along with a variety of food tasting.

This night allows the community to step out of their own little worlds and into another, taking time to appreciate the differences that other cultures hold.

It is important to students from outside of the U.S. because it allows them to share history and life that many Americans never get to experience. Many of these students came to the United States to experience the culture, so this event gives them the chance to share their stories.

“I came to America to learn about the American culture. Most of my friends don’t get a chance to learn about my culture,” Abellina Fionah, a student from Uganda, said. “I think it’s only fair when we’re trading.”

Wherever someone comes from, it’s good to embrace the culture and share it with others. It can bring the world together, even when those countries are miles away.

“Where you live isn’t the only place. There are many other different kinds of people. It can help people build tolerance and unity within each other,” Haris Vrabac, a student from Bosnia, said. “It’s important [to share my culture] because that’s who I am, and you never want to forget your roots or where you come from. That’s ultimately who you are.”

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