Sounds to Study to

Before becoming a professor of voice for Ball State’s music program, Kathleen Maurer was an opera singer in Europe. Maurer lived in Germany for 15 years and sang for many different opera companies.

“I performed every single night of the week for 46 weeks a year,” Maurer said. “It was a wild and crazy time.”

She has sung in over 100 varied operas and musicals. Throughout this period in her life she developed a deep love for classical music, she said.

Maurer recommends that students try listening to classical music while studying. She said studies have proved that listening to Mozart helps people focus better while learning.

She also recommends Christmas carols and holiday symphonies to get students in a festive spirit.

“I think music can be really helpful during finals week,” Maurer said. “It can wake people up, help with concentration and soothe students who are stressing.”

She suggests students take a breath and listen to some music to relax whenever they feel overwhelmed.



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