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A Taste of Thai

Local restaurant brings Thai recipes to customers.



Drizzled in a homemade sauce and served with a side of rice, Thai Smile’s Sesame Chicken is one of their most-ordered dishes.

The Jay family brought a generation of Thai family recipes to Muncie in 2000 when they opened Thai Smile 2.

Located at 2401 N. Tillotson Avenue in Muncie, the restaurant is one of three such restaurants in the Midwest, said waitress Donna Jay. Others are located in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Jay has been a waitress there for four years with her father.

Her mother’s original homemade food, which has been in the family for generations, is what first inspired her father to open up a restaurant.

Jay recommends Thai Smile’s sesame chicken to customers.

“I think people order sesame chicken because that’s what people think of when they want oriental food,” she said.

Thai Smile’s sesame chicken is a homemade dish that Jay’s mother would often make for the family. This dish is made from chicken, cashews, broccoli and homemade spices. It is topped off with a drizzle of Thai Smile’s original sauces and served with a side of white rice.



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