Letter from the Editor

A Promising Future

Chris Talley, Online Assistant Design Editor

Chris Talley,
Online Assistant Design Editor

When I first got to college some eight-odd months ago, the main question I was asked from instructors, peers and student organization representatives was “What do you want to do?” This question could be taken any number of ways, and the ways in which it could be responded to even more numerous.

Whenever anyone from the journalism department asked me, though, I simply answered, “Everything.”

And I meant it. I wanted to take photos, I wanted to write stories and I wanted to design. But I also had 16 hours worth of credit hours, the desire for a social life and time to simply acclimate to college itself. So I decided to pick one. And settled upon design.

From there, finding the student media organization that I wanted to join was easy. Out of the four or five call-out meetings that I went to, I knew immediately that Ball Bearings was the one for me. The environment was laid-back and quirky, which I identified with, making me feel at home right away.

But going to meetings and working up the courage to take design assignments was the hard part. The many late nights spent staring at a slowly-evolving Flash screen, the all-nighter pulled to finish a Halloween costume clickable and getting to learn all that I have along the way have been the fun parts. Having a creative outlet that is also a résumé builder and learning tool is invaluable as well as completely worth the time and frustration that come along with it.

Since then, I’ve become the assistant design editor for Ball Bearings online, which has been an intimidating, rewarding and, at times, an overwhelming learning experience. Being surrounded by so many talented journalists, some of whom have had work published by nationally prestigious news organizations, is intimidating, but it’s also the best environment for learning. Most student journalists don’t have the privilege of surrounding themselves with fantastic talent from which to constantly learn how to get better.

As my freshman year of college winds down, bright lights of hope and excitement characterize the things to come for the next three years. Having so many other fantastic minds around to help nurture my growth as a journalist is more than I could have ever asked for.

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