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The Ancient World’s Detox

Juice cleanses, water fasting and food-diet detoxing all supposedly promote a type of purification and renewal for the body and mind. All of these techniques are scheduled out and eventually end. But, a rediscovered remedy might provide daily benefits for modern day health nuts and have far more benefits for the body.

Ancient techniques are making a way back into today’s detox world. The practice of “oil-pulling” was a popular Indian Ayurvedic treatment that dates back thousands of years, according to Articlesbase research. Oil-pulling or “oil gargling” is the process of taking a unrefined vegetable oil and using it as a mouthwash. Oils such as coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil or sunflower oil are commonly used for this practice.

Scientific explanations have been proven behind the works of oil-pulling, according to The Beauty Gypsy. Most oils have antibacterial properties, such as sesame oil and sunflower seed oil. Some oils, such as sesame oil, also have anti-inflammatory properties. Also, oil can reach areas that toothbrushes can’t, where harmful bacteria hide. Swishing the oil around essentially “pulls” toxins from the teeth and mouth.

Oil-pulling treats the whole body, according to Articlesbase, and improvements have been seen in conditions such as blood disorders, kidney disease, leukemia, heart disease and other long-term diseases. Another benefit is that oil pulling is inexpensive and healthier lifestyles can be obtained by pulling out toxins and bacteria. Benefits seen on alternative health websites and according to ABC News include: whiter teeth, better breath, relief from migraines, eczema, arthritis and bronchitis, better vision, softer skin and mild hangovers.

Experts on Articlesbase state that oil pulling should be done on an empty stomach to prevent throwing up. Otherwise, there are no known negative side-effects to oil-pulling.

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