Letter from the Editor

Two Roles, One Purpose

Victoria Davis, Assistant Editor

Victoria Davis,
Assistant Editor

Balancing the life of as an intern at Indianapolis Monthly, and as one of the assistant editors at Ball Bearings has been particularly difficult this year. Covering events and conducting interviews in cities 60 miles apart has proven to be quite the challenge.

Both publications have equally invaded my usual “free time” during the day and night hours.

Indianapolis Monthly kept me busy writing stories, pitching ideas, attending fashion shows and fact-checking other writer’s stories for the print issue. This was my morning routine during the 9 to 5 hours.

After the hour and 15 minute commute through typical rush hour traffic, I found myself not relaxing but becoming immersed in the life of Ball Bearings. Editing stories, writing features and holding meetings became my life during the evening hours. And of course, homework was fit somewhere in between or even into the wee hours of the next morning.

With two, in my opinion, outstanding print issues and a “mini” iPad issue full of whimsical inspired stories, the writers and editors have put in numerous hours to make sure we impact the campus.

But it’s funny when I say “impact the campus.” Just the other day I realized our audience is much larger than imagined. While strolling through the streets of downtown Indianapolis, I passed by the Ball State Center resting on the corner of Meridian and Maryland St. Hardly noticing the details of the building’s inside I almost missed a precious detail resting against the window front.

There it was, our February issue of Ball Bearings magazine. The teal and gold colors of a young woman’s traditional Muslim clothing blended well with the bustling circle city life many of us are familiar with. Then I noticed, our publication reaches miles outside of Muncie, Ind.

Not only is Ball Bearings in the hands of students, faculty and staff, it has also made its way to our state’s capital. Both the assistant editor and editor-in-chief of Indianapolis Monthly got their hands on our latest print issue and sent nothing but praises our way.

When I think back to all of the projects I’ve done over the last four years, I can honestly say this magazine is one that has impacted not only the campus, but those from all walks of life. Looking at the bigger picture and realizing that your work is bigger than just yourself is one of the greatest feelings to appreciate.

So when I reflect on the difficult times I experience, I am reminded every day, whether it be through writing a story or seeing your staff’s latest work plastered in the streets of the big city, that our work is for the bigger cause.

I have found my passion for writing over the past four years here at Ball State, and I’m sure my staff will agree that telling compelling stories of those who may or may not have a voice is the motivation. All of the late nights, coffee runs and hours of Pandora to keep our excitement during editing, were all worth it. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to share my experiences.

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