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It’s common knowledge that most of us guys don’t go to a club just to dance. That’s kind of weird. Especially since the dance floor generally isn’t our domain unless you’re Chris Brown or that idiot Bieber.

But, to woo that girl across the bar or to save yourself from hating your credit card statement the next morning, you have to hit the dance floor.

Dancing at the club doesn’t have the same guidelines as ballroom dancing, but there are still rules to follow.


Don’t start grinding on the first girl you come across on the floor. It’s a total turn-off. I live with women and I hear the stories. Most girls immediately get offended when some random dude (a.k.a. you) is not only violating her personal space, but also rubbing certain parts on certain areas. It’s no bueno.

No Lurking.

It’s OK to scope out the floor and find a girl you want to approach, but don’t do it for more than five minutes. You’ll look like a judgmental creep. No joke.

So, as stated in “Get Down on It,” the greatest song ever by Kool & the Gang, “…get ya back up off the wall” and go introduce yourself. And be confident and classy with your introduction. A proper handshake, eye contact, the works.

Dance with Confidence.

If you’re like me and have any clue what you’re doing, still be confident. I know I’m a terrible dancer, but I rock that part of me. Granted, there are moves to avoid, but confidence helps everything. Dancing isn’t booty-grinding the whole time. She will turn around and face you at some point, and you better be prepared to show her what you got. Also, don’t make fun of how bad you are. She doesn’t care.

Share a Smile.

It’s good to have a smile on your face while you’re dancing. And when I say smile, I mean have a genuine look that shows you’re enjoying yourself and her presence. Don’t have the creepy smile made famous by Youtuber, komikero in his “Hey, baby” video. Smile like a normal person and it will do you a world of good.

Don’t Get Stupid Drunk.

I’m not advocating getting drunk, but I’ll be the first to admit that I’m never fully sober when my feet hit the dance floor. A few drinks will allow you to still be you, but just a little looser and more fun. Just don’t become sloppy drunk. That’s unattractive to women and you’ll more than likely do something regrettable. No woman wants to hear you slur some incoherent compliment or use her as a tripod because you’re too drunk to stand up on your own.

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