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Jeff the Bounty Hunter

The inside of Catron’s agent bag is full of weapons, such as knifes and batons, and also items to apprehend a suspect, such as handcuffs and restraints. Along with his bag Catron always has his vest, badge and bondsman license on him.

Bad Boys Snow Plow owner Jeff Catron sat in his truck removing a customer’s snow when he received a call with a tip of the whereabouts on a fugitive. Catron found out that the fugitive was sitting in a local bar and rushed to the scene.

Arriving at the bar, Catron sat down and ordered Coke but didn’t see the fugitive anywhere in the bar.  When he proceeded to leave, Catron spotted the fugitive walking back inside. The defendant dropped his jacket in a chair and prepared to walk to the restroom. Catron took advantage of the moment and called police, who were not too far from the location. The officers came in and arrested the defendant, discovering cocaine in his pocket.

For Catron, owning a snow plowing and a bail bond business is not an easy road to follow.

“When there is snow plowing and the snow is falling, and you’re contracted to do certain businesses and [they’ve] got a trigger of two inches – every time there is two inches on the lot, you have to go plow it,” he says.

But Catron’s snow plow business is often interrupted by tips and sightings of defendants. He has a short amount of time to decide which is more important.

“So then you stop plowing real quick, go do the other job as fast as possible, and then get back to snow plowing,” he says. “Just trying to juggle it as best as possible.”

After opening the bail bonds business, Catron soon realized that he could also start a snow plowing company under the same name. Instead of paying for the snow to be removed, doing it himself was better, he says. Thus Bad Boys Bail Bond and Bad Boys Snow Plow started operating, serving its purpose in the Muncie community.

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