Letter from the Editor

Coffee. Pepsi. Repeat.

LeeAnn Wood, Print Managing Editor

LeeAnn Wood,
Print Managing Editor

It’s late at night. You’re tired, overworked and asking yourself the timeless question,


“Why am I up this late?”

“Why do I care so much?”

“Why am I talking to myself?”

I find myself caught up in this cycle often. But then I look over and see the cover of

our most recent issue and I could cry, I’m so happy. The answer to the questions

comes rushing to me.

At this magazine, we get the privilege of telling the stories of some of the most

inspiring, bold, sometimes wacky and truly amazing people. We get to tell of their

highs, their lows, their moments of triumph, their inner strength and what makes

them, them.

It’s a truly humbling feeling when you meet someone and they open up to you

– allow you to tell their story – and you get to share it with campus and beyond,

whether that’s through print, iPad or online.

On top of that, we get to show off the amazing talent our staff possesses. Our writers,

photographers, designers, videographers, etc. never cease to amaze me. Every

day, I become more and more overwhelmed by the amount of pride I have in our

publication and everyone who dedicates themselves to it.

I hope you will decide to pick up a copy of our latest magazine (you’ll recognize it by

the GORGEOUS cover), download our iPad app and peruse this site and truly get lost

in the magic that I see in it every time I look at it myself.

And in the moments your asking yourselves those very same questions, remember:

It’s worth it. Although it’s hard to believe in those moments, what you do really

matters. A lesson I learned when I finally had the print issue in hand last week. And

a lesson I was again reminded of as I handed a copy to one of those inspiring people

featured in the magazine; his excitement gave me the motivation needed to start on

our final issue.


LeeAnn Wood,

Print Managing Editor

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